Dating a single mother is starting to take a toll on me – canary wharf escorts

I have no problems with the lady. She is a charming woman, and I think that we have chemistry together. But I do not have any experience with kids. All I know that I do not like kids and I don’t plan on having kids either. But I know that if I was going to date this girl, I have to learn to live her kid as well. Her kid is everything to her. And for me not to even try to take care of her kid is not a very good move for me. After a few months, she invited me to her house for dinner. When I got there, she asked me if I could entertain her baby for a while because she was busy cooking. I said to her no problem but I am very awkward with the kid. I did know what to do with him. I try to make her laugh but her kid did not like me at all. She also asked me sometimes to feed her child. Which I struggled every time because I am a man with little patience. I was not sure I wanted to continue my relationship with this girl. On the other hand, she is a brilliant intelligent and independent woman. I mean I think that she is the complete package. One time she asked me to babysit her child because she had to go to a crucial meeting, even though I was very hesitant to say yes to her. I feel like I did not have a choice at all. If I said no to her, she would have thought that I do not care about her child and get angry at me. I told her that I will pick up her son first thing in the morning. I bring her child to my house because I do not feel comfortable in their home yet. I do not believe that I can spend six hours with her child. I had to feed the kid. I also was very exhausted trying to play with him. After two and a half hours, I was done. I could not keep up with the kid, he wanted to play every time and I am very tired already. From that point on I knew that I am not the right guy for her. He deserves better than me. That is why I broke up with her the following morning. Now I only book the famous canary wharf escorts from The Canary Wharf escorts do not give me the hassle of a serious relationship. That is why I love Canary Wharf escorts very much.

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