Dating in Stratford in London is becoming very popular.

The Dating Agencies has been speaking to Paul who owns a leading Stratford escorts agency sames as Paul has ten years of experience of working in Stratford with escorts and his agency has been open for 8 years. He focuses on providing elite and VIP services to the local area but is finding that his ladies are beginning to do outcalls all over London. At first he was a bit surprised at that but then he realized that he had a few special services which were cherished by his clients. Special services can make all the difference says Paul.

Dating in Stratford

Dating in Stratford

Duo dating is really popular in London at the moment, but I have focused on a special niche of duo dating. I have some really hot black Stratford escorts working for me and many of the ladies enjoy duo dating. At the moment we have two black duo dating teams in action and this is part of the reasons our services are so popular. I was a bit surprised at first but now many of our ladies travel all over London. You can say that we have made a bit of a name for ourselves. laughs Paul.

This is not the only special service we provide. Some of our petite Stratford escorts have also put together a duo dating team and it is nice to see this works as well. My two duo dating petites work as far south as Richmond and they seem to cover the entire southern London area. it is nice to think that the gents in this part of town really appreciate my girls and I am so proud of them. They came up with the idea themselves and developed it. I can’t believe how well it has taken off but apparently there are very few bisexual petites in South London.

This autumn I am also going to add Stratford escorts dominatrix services to our web site. It will be a separate enterprise and I hope it is going to be popular. A lot of gents have asked for the service and I am not a chap who like to let down my gents. This is the main reason why I have added dominatrix services to our menu. Not all of the gents who are into dominatrix services date dominatrix ladies all the time, so I know there is a lot more scope here.

I am getting into my late 50’s now but I have no attention of leaving the business. I have taken a step back as I am a dad as well. A very experienced madame helps me to run Stratford escorts services and this has taken a lot of strain away from me. I get sometime to spend with my ten year old daughter and I appreciate that. Fatherhood never came to me until later in life and I am really into it. The girls understand that and are very respectful to my family. As a matter of fact my wife is a former Stratford escort.

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