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Now, if you’ve been reading the media or listening to the radio, it is going viral before – that phrase “conscious uncoupling” says London Escorts. And people either know what it means and if they don’t know what it means, they’re just tearing it apart right now. The media is having a field day with this. Why? Well, When Gwyneth Paltrow announced that she is dissolving her marriage with Chris Martin her husband, but the words that she used was, “We’re bringing to this conscious uncoupling.” And I believe she got that phrase from a good friend of mine, Katherine Woodward Thomas who has a whole program on what it means to do conscious uncoupling. How do you end a breakup? How do you end a relationship?
How do you end a breakup consciously? How do you do it with a design rather than just by default? You know, it’s funny. A lot of people know how to do beginnings well. In society, we know how to do beginnings well, especially in love, especially in romance, right? We will pursue each other, we will gush over each other, we will complement one another, we’ll serve one another, we’ll do gifts for one another, quality time, all that. We’ll do beginnings amazing. But very few people pay attention to how to do endings well.
We don’t live in a society, here in UK, where they teach doing great endings. And it’s interesting because endings – great endings specifically – often lead to great beginnings. The better we can end a relationship, the more open and free we become to creating a new relationship. And so that’s there the word “conscious uncoupling” really comes from, is how to create an amazing ending that is life-giving to you, loving to and respectful for the relationship and the time, and really blesses them and wished them well in the next chapter of their life, and blesses you and wishes you well and opens you up to an amazing chapter in your next life.
Every relationship that you don’t go the distance with is going to break up. I’m sure you’ve had breakups, right? I’ve had breakups. Every one of us have had breakups in the past. So we’re presented with a choice – a choice point. How do we want to do this breakup? Most people don’t even realize they get a choice in how they do it. Most people do breakups the way they see their parents do breakups, the way they see their friends do breakups. And often, it results in plates flying across the room, slamming in walls, and screaming and yelling.
There’s another alternative, and that’s called conscious uncoupling. That’s where you actually lay a blueprint. You say, “Look, if we’re going to end this relationship –” And I’m not saying it’s easy, right? Oftentimes, one person wants to get out and the other person wants to stay in. Rarely do you have both people collectively say, “Ah, our time is up. We’re going to go our separate ways.” No. That’s not how it works. One person usually wants out. The other person is fighting for the relationship. That’s complicated. That’s tough. Our hearts are complicated; our minds are complicated. So how do you navigate that terrain to create the most positive experience possible?

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