I had always dreamed about dating hot blondes in Acton

but since I was living and working in other part of London I did not not really have the time to get to Acton. Moving around London these days is a real hassle and it would have taken me too long to get to Acton. I am not so sure how my fascination with Acton escorts got started but I think it goes back to before my marriage. Before I got married I used to date a lot of different escorts all over London and it was then I met Angela.

At the time Angela was working as a Chelsea girl but she used to work for an Acton escorts service at https://charlotteaction.org/acton-escorts. She was the most sexiest and glamorous girl that I had ever seen and I fell madly in love with her. She carried on escorting in Chelsea for a little while but eventually moved away abroad somewhere. It was a real shame as I enjoyed both her personality and sexy body, she was one of those girls that you just could not get enough of. I have to say that I still often think about Angela and wonder what happened to her.

Angela was about 5 ft 7 and had lovely long blonde hair. This is probably the reason why I have become fascinated with blonde escorts. Of course, Angela came from Acton as well and I am sure that this is what is driving me towards dating Acton escorts. It may seem a bit extreme moving to Acton but I wanted a complete change of scenery after my divorce. I took my divorce really badly and spent about a year receiving counseling. In the end I realized that counseling wasn’t doing that much for me so I decided to start to live again.

At first Acton escorts were not the main priority and I just spent some fun times with my mates but after a while I started to date central London escorts. It was then all of the memories of Angela came flooding back to me and I decided it was time for a chance of scenery and change of pace. My company offered me redundancy and after a while of sulking, I started my own consultancy. My business is now going from strength to strength and I am pleased about that. I now have a lot more time on my hands and freedom.

So after all of this, I decided to move to Acton. It took a bit to settle in but I am now ready to started dating Acton escorts. I hope that they have some seriously hot ladies for me here in Acton but judging by the Acton escorts agencies web sites, it certainly looks good. I am happy and settled in my new home and I now look forward to the rest of my life. It feels like it has taken me a long time to get here but I have now finally turned a corner.

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