Sex is so boring with my boyfriend

When I first met my boyfriend, I thought he was going to be the answer to all my sexy dreams. He had the most gorgeous body and I could have fucked him on the dance floor at the club we were in. I am sure that my cheap escorts in London friends could not help but to notice that I was staring at his package all of the time. I honestly thought it was going to be just another one night stand, but that night he refused to come home with me. To my surprise, he told me that he wanted to get to know me better. I was left standing there as the other London escorts left with their hook ups.

The next day, I got a text from my new love interest. He invited me out to dinner in this rather posh restaurant in West London. It was not exactly the sort of place you went to when you wanted to sex someone up. But, I took the following evening off from the London escorts service I worked for, and we went for the meal. I had ditched my usual cheap escorts gear and slipped into a dress I normally wear for business functions. It was long enough to be decent, but still showed off my stocking tops as I sat down.

As we met outside the restaurant, he complimented me on my looks. I just looked at him and thought that I wanted to rip all of his clothes off, but I quickly took me out of my cheap escorts mood, and behaved myself. He was nice to talk to, but I could only think about one thing – I really wanted to get him home to bed. Clearly he could see that something was going on in my head. I asked if we could pay and make a move. At the time, I was getting rather desperate and could have climbed over the table to get to him.

He turned out to be a great lover, but not what we London escorts would call a sex god. His experience when it came to sex seemed to be rather limited, but I am a patient woman. I wanted to teach this man how to make love to me, and when I told him he seemed a bit surprised. In a hushed voice, I asked him to squeeze my nipples and I did the same thing to him. I could tell that he liked it, and we continued to explore each other. A couple of hours later, I texted one of the girls at London escorts, and said that I just had enjoyed some great sex with my new man.

A couple of months down the line, he is much more experienced, and we have a lot of fun together. He was a bit surprised when I told him that I work for a cheap escorts service, but he seems to have taken it all in his stride. Not only is he known as Handsome Jack at London escorts, but he has also started to live up to his London escorts nick name which is Sexy Jack. He has really turned a corner, and I am not any longer shocked when I end up on top of the washing machine. Let’s just say that I am pleasantly surprised… and that is not so bad come to think of it.

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