Struggles of my life: London Escorts

Life offers us different challenges to face some are easy, in between, or hard. Life doesn’t stop to challenge us until we are alive because that is what we are supposed to do. Many people have been in many challenges but still managed to keep their life going. But for some people its hard for them to recover because of the path they take. And that’s why you cannot judge a person without knowing the whole story first. In this modern world, many of us have been comparing lives to each other, and people are pulling down. Life is so hard, and that’s why we need to survive. To survive, hard work and determination are the keys to change our lives for the better. Perhaps, it does not take one snap, but you are always progressing.

My name is Lanie Katt, twenty-seven years old and I live in London, England. My life is familiar to everyone, a poor citizen, and a broken family. Our life starts to destroy when my father left us because of his mistress and got a divorce from my mother. We were so happy and loved back then; we always have family bonding such as picnic or swimming. I still can recall how much my father loves us and support. He was once a good provider and a loving father. I am proud to my father before; he did everything to make our family happy. He is always present during our achievements in life. But everything changed when he chose to join his mistress than us. He is going crazy to the girl that even his own family he betrays. After that my mother became depressed and emotional. She had stopped to work and isolated herself in the room. She is always drunk and cries. She never talks anyone to the house and she can spend days without eating. Our life became a mess, and we all stop studying.

We already lost our father an now we lost a mom. I am going crazy on what to do with my siblings; they were still so young to experience this kind of life. I also have noticed my mother’s mental illness, and she needs medication. And luckily, someone had discovered me and applied me to London escort of since I already have an innate beauty and all I do is to have the training to familiarize the work. She had also assured me to the wage, and luckily, I get the job. And because of it, I have brought my mother to the hospital for check-up and medication. I have also paid our debts and send my siblings to school. My life has changed and Being a London escort help me to overcome the disaster of my life.

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