What is a good enough reason to split up with your boyfriend?

I love my boyfriend but he will not give me oral sex. That is the one thing which lets our relationship down. But is enough to finish our relationship? I am not sure that it is enough. The other girls I work with at Charlotte Kent escorts think that I would be a bit silly if I broke up with my boyfriend just because he is not into oral sex at all. I know what mean, I must admit that I date some gents at Charlotte Kent escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/kent-escorts/ who simply give up their relationships for all sort of silly reasons.


In the past I have been in other relationships which have finished for other silly reasons. One guy I met at a sex party I went to after Charlotte Kent escorts was into wearing women’s knickers. Of course, I thought he was kind of weird. We went out a couple of times, but now when I have a lot more experience from working at Charlotte Kent escorts, I have learned that wearing womens’ knickers is not so weird after all. He was really good in bed, and I do wish that I would not have rejected his advances out of hand.


After that I dated a guy who was bisexual. He was one of the sweetest guys that I had eve met, and all of the girls at Charlotte Kent escorts liked him. After a little while, I found that I was getting jealous of him when he had one night stands with other men, and that was the end of that relationship. I was a lot younger than, and since then I have learned that sexual honesty is much more important than sleeping with someone else. The bisexual girls who work for our Charlotte Kent escorts service never seem to be getting jealous of each other.


I guess that if you end up in a relationship with a guy who is totally dishonest with you, you should end that relationship. That has never happened to me, but from what I have seen of my Charlotte Kent escorts colleagues love lives, they just fall apart when this happens. All of the guys that I have dated have been totally honest with me, and I will admit to that being a big bonus. Honesty is certainly a very important part of any relationship.


So maybe I am being a little bit too tough on this guy and should think twice about ditching him. He is actually one of the nicest guys that I have met since starting to work for Charlotte Kent escorts. Apart from oral sex, we love to do so many things together and it would be a shame to lose out on that. My mom says that you can’t have it all. It is true, you can’t have it all, but it is not until you get a little bit older that you finally work that one out. Sure, it would be nice, but I think I would be better off looking on the positive side of our relationship, and enjoy the good things that we have got going on together.

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